Thee Office

At long last! My office! This is what it looked like before: And Now! Every single time I walk in this room, I get a little giddy. I absolutely love the way it turned out and even though it still is missing some key details like new switches , a new light fixture, some special


Happiness is Their Own

As parents we carry the weight of dreams for our children in our hearts. We wish and hope so much for them. So much so that at times our dreams for them cause us to literally ache. I don’t know how many times I have laid awake at night for them. For their dreams. For


Dine & Dash

Before our kids were school age, Michael and I would have endless late night conversations about parenting. One of the subjects that often came up was about our kids and their hobbies. We both solemnly swore that we would not allow any of our kids activities to run our lives. We thought that the time,


Getting Back up

This past weekend because of several combined circumstances, after lunch I found myself in quiet contemplation. My family each sought their own corners of Sunday afternoon peace while I struggled with familiar voices, alone in my room. You are inadequate.  You failed.  You missed an opportunity.  You should have put forth more heart.  You are



  I love Christmas vacation, and not just because I get to sleep in as long as I want ( thank you children ). But because my house is full of little blonde kids building tents, playing games, fighting over who is leader, watching movies, and making mess after mess. Oh the messes that are


Gift Giving

I won’t lie. One of my favorite things about Christmas is the shiny wrapped presents under the Christmas tree. Sigh. The thought gives me happy warm feelings! I love to give and I love to receive. I mean who doesn’t? There is just something so awesome about picking out that perfect present, taking it home,