I blinked

    And then half of summer just flew by. I am trying ( rather unsuccessfully) to pack as many summer activities in our day that I can. But still the days are rushing on by without my consent… Soaking up all of the moments I can… Because before long it will be snowing again.


Pins and Needles

Bella and I are on pins and needles today! Why? Because today is the day we will receive word if she made a competition team for her dance studio! No matter what happens today I am super proud of my little Bell Bell. She loves to dance, but this was the first time that she


Growing Pains

A realization came to me last night , while I was sleeping , so strong – like a kick in the head . No, really. I was kicked in the head . Several times. At first I kinda ignored it . It’s amazing what a mother can endure in the middle of the night when