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As we rushed full speed into the adoption world, I began to greedily read everything I could on the subject. My office, and nightstand is piled high with books on attachment, post traumatic stress disorder, and the adopted child. We are definitely swimming in uncharted waters, and I am trying to learn and educate myself

Bella Bunhead

Last Thursday night was a hard night for our little Bella Bunhead. It was her last class at the studio she has been dancing at for the past two years, before recital week. Her desire to dance has far exceeded what we can financially sustain for her at this particular studio, so we all made


When statistics have names

The last few days I have grown increasingly leery of opening up my email. Because there I know  are waiting dozens of heart breaking stories from sexual abuse victims. Stories that are saturated with broken trust from the people that should have been their protectors. Stories of innocence being completely ripped away. Stories of families