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They whisper their way throughout my heart and mind. Weaving their way through my thoughts without mercy. Like a weapon they tear into old scars; leaving me raw.

You failed them. 

You failed them. 

You failed them. 

My head bows low as tears stream my face, and I weep.

And I weep.

And I weep.

Crying a thousand tears for things done, and things left undone.

So many things left undone…

Sunlight streams into the room doing nothing to ease the ache in my heart.

To love entirely without pain. Is it possible?

I wrestle.

Clawing for the Hope only one can give.

I wrestle.

With a weary soul I wrestle.














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  1. We were just talking about this subject this morning at my study group! It’s so easy to get sucked into the lies. But you were chosen to be their mom for a reason – and you are great at it! Love ya.

  2. And I meant to add….I can RELATE! Our family is working through Ephesians 6 after some craziness this week, and the belt of truth was something we were talking about today. Ponder what is true, dear friend! Love you!

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