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I am so happy to feature Sarah today from Minnie Millery. Her creations caught my eye while I was online one day and I became instantly obsessed.  Anyone who can make monsters so cute and adorable and talented in my book! And don’t get me started on her dress designs ! So lovely. They make childhood look so sweet and whimsical. Let’s hear from the beautiful artist herself:

Kendra Martin Photography


1. What inspired you to start your shop?
Minnie Millery began as a creative outlet from my day job as an infectious disease epidemiologist. I know what you’re thinking, and no, that doesn’t have anything to do with insects or skin. I was formally trained in art from a young age but made my career in science until I had my daughter. Now I pass many happy hours mothering and sewing!


2. What is the meaning behind your fun store name?

My shop name is taken from my maternal grandmother’s first name, Minnie, and my paternal grandmother’s maiden name, Miller.

3. All of your little creations are so unique. How do you bring so much personality to each one?
I like each of my dolls to have their own unique character and personality. Sometimes I sketch out my ideas for faces and expressions and other times I cut out pieces of felt and rearrange them until I see a friendly face.
4. What is your work process like? How do you balance everyday life and your work?
I have a sketch book where I sketch out any designs or ideas I have as soon as they come to mind. For many of my garments, I take inspiration from the fabric; I choose a fabric I love and design the garment around it. I also draw much of my design inspiration from my sweet little girl, who is 20 months old. With a toddler (and another on the way!) I sew when I can, which is usually during nap time or after bedtime.
6. What is your favorite past time?
I’d have to say sewing, which should come as no surprise. However, I also enjoy reading and keeping a small vegetable garden.
7. Favorite drink? Coffee or Tea?
Definitely tea, although I mostly drink water. I have never been a big caffeine drinker. I have actually never had a cup of coffee; I can’t stand the taste!
Thank you! I had to google what an  infectious disease epidemiologist was! So awesome! I would love to sit down with Sarah to have a cup of tea ( or water! ) and chat about everyday life. Wouldn’t you? Check out her personal website where she shares more about her every day life and don’t forget to go to her shop:  to pick up your little one their own cuddly monster. But before you do ENTER below to win your choice of either the Nora or Phil hand puppets!


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  1. By far, the Nora puppet is my favorite because my younger sister just had her first baby, a boy, on Tuesday and she has collected rabbits since she was 4. This puppet would be a great “welcome to the world” gift for my sweet little nephew.

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