And Then She was 7 | Happy Birthday Bean
















Sweet Bean…

This time last year, you my love, were still the baby of the family.

Today, you are a big sister, but still very much STILL my baby.

I know you are now seven. But for SEVEN years you have had me and everyone else in this family wrapped around your little finger. I am sure- soon enough you will have your baby sister hooked to you as well. It’s kinda your thing.

Being a big sister has been a huge adjustment for you , but you have taken on the role like a rock star. I know sharing your mama isn’t your favorite, but even still I have seen you make room for her with a smile, with a sweet heart towards her. She loves you, and I love the way you love her. Always quick to serve her, and make sure she has what she needs. Thank you.  The other day you asked me if I thought if you would be a good mommy one day…Absolutely! I KNOW you will be a good mommy.

You are so fun to be around. You make me laugh with your funny antics. You are kind of a stinker, always pushing your limits as far as you possibly can. I think  you take after your daddy that way. You embrace risks- I know that it is going to take you far in life- just hopefully not too far away from me ok? Ok.

One of my favorite things about you is how sensitive you are. You have this amazing ability to read people’s moods and emotions. I can’t tell you how many times I have felt sad or worried, and you come in with a gentle hug, a word of encouragement or something hilarious to say. You love so so so well.

You are a good friend. Often running around outside with Caleb, playing basketball or sword fighting with him. You two are like two peas in a pod. Other days you are Bella’s twin, having fun dressing up, or playing school. On quieter days you seek me out for an afternoon snuggle ( ok- fine- nap ), or you will be by my side working in the kitchen. I never tire of your sweet chatter. I can totally picture you as a young adult, sitting in the kitchen with me, sharing your heart over cups of espresso. For now, I’ll continue to pretend that I don’t see you sneaking sips of my coffee!

I love watching you grow. It is such an honor to be your mama and spend every day with you. You are my little flower, and watching you blossom is an absolute joy.

Happy Birthday my love. Thank you Jesus for the last SEVEN beautiful, amazing years with such a sweet , and precious little girl.