Some of the best conversations I have ever had are on my couch, snuggled under some cozy blankets, with a hot cup of coffee, and a good friend. These conversations always go deep, and are real. Isn’t that what we all are looking for? Transparency? A place where we can let down our guard and set our hearts free. A place where we can be honest without judgement? I hope that you can find that with me here, along with a dose of encouragement and laughter.

I am a Lifestyle Photographer, and writer in the Twin Cities. It boggles my mind that I ended up in a state of perpetual cold when I despise winter, however I love my life and consider myself blessed. I am a wife to the most amazing man. We have been married ten years, and I love him more and more everyday.

We have three children- Bella (9) , Caleb (7), and Lili (4). They are the core of who I am. We adopted a very naughty, albeit cute, 63 Lb pup last year that drives us all insane with her crazy antics, but we love her. Most of our days are filled with creativity, fun, and love. Mixed along the good times are days where everything seems to fall apart; a car won’t start, an argument with my love, a sick baby, a broken washing machine… Haven’t we all been there? Through it all I hope to love those around me well. Thank you so much for stopping by. Please stay awhile. As you get to know my heart, share yours with me. Feel free to comment or send me an email at! I am so happy that you are here.

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    • Awe! Thank you! Yes! If you press the tab on the right side of the home page it will reveal the box to sign up. Kind of funky right now! I am sorry- trying to find a way to fix it! There is also links to my other social media sites there too! Thank you so much for reading!

  1. Hello Cari! I am not at all surprised you are a photographer, I was thinking how your pictures had that something special….

  2. Cari, I love your blog! the layout, the photos, the name, the words! Thank you for telling and sharing your story. I am a missionary in Slovakia and I have recently started a blog (in Slovak) for Slovak women. similar to yours. (however since there isn’t a slovak equivalent to “beautiful mess”, I chose, “in the end, beautiful” I particularly related to your post, . I believe Slovak women could really relate to your words as well and would love to make to possible for them to be able to read them. Could I have your permission to translate it? I would post it as a “guest” post, with a link and trackback to your original article. Please let me know if this would be possible. Thank you for your consideration!

  3. I’m so glad that I found your blog. You continue to inspire me by sharing your stories. The book you recommended, “The Nesting Place”,…wow. I loved it. I too have a good husband, small children, a dog and a messy house, and its wonderful, exhausting, and crazy. Thank you again for sharing.

    • You are very sweet! Thank you so much for reading! I love knowing that I am not alone in this journey

  4. Are you aware of the books for boys and girls called Yell And Tell ?
    They are put out by Michael Pearl of the No Greater joy magazine . Very educational and useful!

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